Our Strategy

SJ Strategic Investments - Our Strategy

At SJ Strategic Investments, entrepreneurship means balancing an unrelenting commitment to excellence with inspiration, curiosity, energy, and a sense of fun.

This entrepreneurial perspective makes us uniquely capable in our ability to identify new and exciting opportunities for growth. We recognize talent, expertise, and potential and provide the resources others need to reach their objectives. Directly investing our own assets allows us to remain agile and efficient, pursuing opportunity as quickly as it arises. Our investment strategy involves a three-phase process:



The pioneering visionary of SJ Strategic Investments, Managing Partner John M. Gregory, seeks out companies offering industry-leading technologies and solutions that will yield long-term success. After conducting initial research into a company's financial statements, John brings the potential investment opportunity to the operating officers. If the officers believe the investment opportunity is in line with the goals of SJ Strategic Investments, they perform a more in-depth evaluation.


The officers analyze the investment opportunity according to a variety of criteria, researching the company's structure and financials. If, after thorough review, they are confident in the expertise and qualifications of the company's management, they typically meet with that management team to gain a clear understanding of the company's vision and goals. Establishing a direct relationship allows a company to communicate its intensions accurately and passionately, which is mutually beneficial for the company and for SJ Strategic Investments. If the officers decide to pursue the investment, they review, negotiate, and complete the deal.


A source of stability and strength, SJ Strategic Investments achieves its goals by helping others achieve theirs, encouraging independence and individualism while promoting the growth and development of the values in which we believe. With corporate objectives strategically aligned with those of our investment instruments, the operating officers fully commit themselves and the company resources to realizing a profitable future.